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Style, passion, originality is what reflects Eddie as a Creative Artist. Being able to get daily inspiration to his craftsmenship and then share it through to the culture is already special enough for him. He began his creative journey with his art back in 2008 and from there he got to experience the culture daily from many different angles. As a dancer, Eddie is versatile and loves to learn as much as possible. Eddie mainly dances the street styles Hip hop, house dance and even experimental where he can express his abstract self. He travels and competes in both Hip Hop and Experimental most of the time, in which he has won and been a finalist in several competitions over the years. When you don´t find Eddie on the dance floor, you may see him rockin the mic as a Emcee and keeping the events energy at its prime. As a host Eddie like to stay original and to keep the audience and dancers connected with him. His goal as an Emcee is to make every event he host memorable for the audience, dancers, artists and organizers. With more then ten year experience and 30+ festivals, Eddie is known for his skills and knowledge as project manager. For the moment, Eddie is studying a two year international cultural project manager education at Nätverkstan, which

he graduates May 2020 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Eddie is one of the founders of Id Crew Company which organises several festivals, events, performance and workshops around Sweden.


“Struggling in life to achieve ones dream is nothing more than human, and as a person I struggle to 100% to see where the dance takes me”

'Set a goal and exceed it tenfold'

- Eddie Yalman -





Emcee/host at Hiphop Revolution Festival in Sweden.

Dancer at the music video Music Video Top Note in Sweden.

Emcee/host at Rewind Dance Jam in Sweden.

Emcee/host at Follo Battle in Norway.

Judge at The Character Awakens by Staden är din in Sweden.

Choreograph & dancer to the dance video

Method Man ft Busta Rhymes - What´s Happenin´ in Sweden.

Hip hop Judge at Twisted mästerskap in Sweden.

Dancer in the dance video Game World by Julian joujou, powered by Dedicated Brand in Sweden.

Emcee/host at Ca Pa vol 4 in Norway.

Emcee/host at Cerebellum in Sweden.

Project manager/internship at Hyresgästföreningen in Sweden.

Dancer in the 30 minute piece Identity by Fuse fam in Sweden.

Project manager/internship at Danscentrum Väst in Sweden.

Creator & Designer for the new Marcio Salvador website.

Creator & Designer for the new ID Crew website.

Creator & Designer for the new Hiphop Revolution Festival website.

Twisted Mästerskapen Judge Solo: Eddie Yalman

1O NOV 2019


Eddie Yalman | ID Crew | SE

Marco Wihlborg | Twisted Feet | SE

Salem | Laces | SE Dj: EP | SE

Host: Zara Zeidlitz | SE

Organizer: Twisted Feet DA

Song: Oh No ft Pharoahe Monch & Nate Dogg; Explicit - Mos Def

IDENTITY Performance | Trailer

08 FEB 2020

Trailer for the 30 minutes performance "IDENTITY", premeired January 3rd 2020 at Frilagret, Göteborg.


Eddie Yalman, ID Crew (SE)

Anna Malmer, Fuse fam (SE)

Therese Sahlin, Fuse fam (SE)

Michel Mleczkovicz, Fuse fam (SE)

Malcolm Kente, Fuse fam (SE)

Eduardo Manoel (SE)

Elnaz Paiamani (SE)

Filmed & Edited by Azi Productions & Joseph Amegatcher.

For bookings of the performance please contact us and we will forward it to the booking team.

Game World | Julian Joujou | Dedicated Brand | Dj Combat - Ante The Fuck Up | Choreography | Dance

29 JUL 2019

👾 G A M E W O R L D 👾

Director & Choreography: @Julianjoujou

In a gaming world surrounded by friends, spending the day out in the park enjoying the moment. Through dance, choreography, story and comedy we welcome you to our GAME WORLD! Hope you like it and get a good feeling after watching this dance film. Special thanks to Dedicated Brand for the collaboration. All the clothings are Fair-trade made, 100 % Organic a Sustainable Fashion Brand with cool clothes. www.dedicatedbrand.com

CAST Danced by: @eddieyalman @kidsuper_ @julianjoujou @8r4vo Music: @djcombat - Ante The Fuck Up | 2k19 Album Videography: @Azi_Productions_ Editor: Lion Cuts @llion_joe Stylist: Sebastian Reuterberg Artistic Advisor: Marcio ”Ratinho” Salvador | The Kings Room Support: ID Crew & Kings Among Kings

Hip Hop class online on


You can now take a three week special online workshops with Eddie Yalman on zoom.

Schedule, registration & tickets are out on www.idcrew.se

Place: Zoom.

Date: December 01, 2020  |  19:00 - 20:30

House dance class online on


You can now take a three week special online workshops with Eddie Yalman on zoom.

Schedule, registration & tickets are out on www.idcrew.se

Place: Zoom.

Date: December 02, 2020  |  19:00 - 20:30

Private Hip Hop or House dance class online on


You can now take a three week special online workshops with Eddie Yalman on zoom.

Contact us for booking a private workshop to choose a date & time.

Class is zoom based.

Place: Zoom.

Date: December 03, 2020  | Contact for booking date & time. 


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