Creative Artist & Cultural Project Manager

was formed in summer 2008 out of a couple people who gave their heart and energy into what they like to do, which is to simply be creative and artistic. The name ID came also from what we do every day and represent what we offer, which is as simple as “I Dance”. We assemble hip hop, house dance, experimental and much more. Together, we hope to create something unique where we can maintain and provide our audience with what we love most. Limits are not in our vocabulary, and we always try to exceed our set goals.


Competition, Performance, Workshop,

Seminar, Afterparty, Cypher & Sustainability

is a twelfth year dance festival and have been held for the first five years in Jonkoping but will be held for the seventh time in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year we present our nordic edition and connect the festival with the nordic countries. The Festival is made from dancers to dancers, although fans of dance, culture and entertainment. The festival offers a lot of dance, music, culture and entertainment. Open for all ages, including groups and families.

The festival is presented by Hiphop Revolution Festival project team & strengthened by this year's sponsors and collaborations.