Eddie Yalman is a Swedish-based dancer, choreographer and creative artist from Gothenburg in Sweden. He uses his knowledge, experience and creative thinking to create creative and abstract work, movement and visual art that reflects him.

Eddie is active in various cultural fields such as performing arts, dance performances, dance teacher/pedagogue, film director, competitions/contestant, judge, emcee, organizer, project manager, commercial work, festivals and similar projects.

His main dance styles are House Dance and Hip hop. Since 2008, Eddie has built a strong foundation in hip hop dance and 2016 in House Dance. At the same time, Eddie developed by taking master classes, both within his styles and outside, to increase his knowledge and vocabulary. He took classes in hip hop, house dance, breaking, popping, voguing, step, street jazz, modern and contemporary with world-renowned dance teachers in Europe. He has most recently been seen as a dancer at the performance “Identity” in Gothenburg. During his residency 2021 at Stora Teatern in collaboration with Danscentrum Väst, he has created the performance “StrangerS” as an assistant choreographer and guest dancer that premieres in January 2022. In 2022 he will also be part of the Nordic performance “The Moral Compass” which will work on the moral issues stranger, immigrant, roots and class.

Eddie likes challenges and to explore experimental and abstract movements that shape his creative thinking and expression, which led him to develop his own style, dance and movement. By combining what he knows and can do with the unknown, he challenges himself to create innovative works and movements. Learn, master, develop and repeat is something he takes with him in everything he does. Only when you have mastered something properly can you develop it into your own style and movement.

With more than ten years of experience and over 30 festivals/projects in his back pocket, Eddie sees himself as a strong and versatile culture project manager. As a project manager, Eddie is organized, disciplined and creative and he brings this with him to every project. His knowledge as a project manager extends broadly around stress, conflict, financial management, web design, digital tools and much more. He is also educated as an international cultural project manager at Nätverkstan in Gothenburg, which is a two-year higher vocational education. As one of the founders of ID Crew company, he works both regionally, nationally and internationally with artists, organizations, festivals, performances and workshops. In order to continue working and growing as a project manager and creative artist, he always invest in good relations with everyone he works with, which results in having a wide network of contacts both regionally, nationally and internationally in the cultural sector.

 “Struggling in life to achieve your dream is nothing else

than human, and as a person I struggle 100% to see where my art takes me ”

'Set a goal and exceed it tenfold'

- Eddie Yalman -





Dancer in the 30 minute piece Identity by Fuse fam in Sweden.

Project manager/internship at Danscentrum Väst in Sweden.

Creator & Designer for the new Marcio Salvador website.

Creator & Designer for the new Hiphop Revolution Festival website & ID Crew website

Project manager/dance & film pedagogue at Göteborg Film Festival in Sweden.

Project managerat Nordiska Folkhögskolan in Sweden.

Hip hop Workshop at Nordic Light Dance Camp in Sweden.

Guest speaker at VGR Open panel talk about organizing online festivals in Sweden

Project manager at Hiphop Revolution Festival in Sweden.

Seminar "sustainable organizing"at VGR in Sweden.

Producer and guest dancer in the 10 minute piece StrangerS in Sweden.

Producer and guest dancer in The Moral Compass in Sweden.

Project manager at Nordiska Folkhögskolan in Sweden.

Hip hop Workshop at Nordic Light Dance Camp in Sweden.

Project manager at Hiphop Revolution Festival in Sweden.

House judge at Weast Side Dance Battle in Sweden.

Performance StrangerS at Sprakateatern Uppsala in Sweden.

House workshop at Uppsala Loves Hip Hop in Sweden.

House workshop at Danscentrum Väst in Sweden.

House workshop at Artistique Göteborg in Sweden.

Host at Redbull Dance Your Style in Sweden.

Dancer & Choreograph in House arc pt1 in Sweden.

Performance StrangerS at Malmö Festivalen in Sweden.

House workshop at All about house in Sweden.


HOUSE ARC PT1 | Eddie Yalman, Sofie & Vera

28 APRIL 2023


Eddie Yalman, Sofie Eklund & Vera Lundell.

Idea & choreography:

Eddie Yalman.


Vera Lundell.


Azi productions.


Let's take off - Osundlade Yoruba soul instrumental by Marbert Rocel.

JOURNEY - Eddie Yalman | Branko

02 MAY 2022

The goal doesn't matter, if the journey isn't enjoyed...

I am Eddie Yalman & this is my JOURNEY!!

Film & Edit: Azi Nouiem

Creative support: Julian Joujou

Clothing: Dedicated Brand

Song: SDDS - Branko

Shame On You - Eddie Yalman | D Smoke

23 FEB 2022

A creative piece that combine originality, hip hop flavour and that MTV music video. Work hard, stay creative and always be humble ✨Are you inspired to create after this? #creativemind

Film & Edit: Azi Nouiem

Make Up: Ashaa Zaki Southerland

Artistic support Joseph Amegatcher

Song: Shame On You - D Smoke

IDENTITY Performance | Trailer

08 FEB 2020

Trailer for the 30 minutes performance "IDENTITY", premeired January 3rd 2020 at Frilagret, Göteborg.


Eddie Yalman, ID Crew (SE)

Anna Malmer, Fuse fam (SE)

Therese Sahlin, Fuse fam (SE)

Michel Mleczkovicz, Fuse fam (SE)

Malcolm Kente, Fuse fam (SE)

Eduardo Manoel (SE)

Elnaz Paiamani (SE)

Filmed & Edited by Azi Productions & Joseph Amegatcher.

For bookings of the performance please contact us and we will forward it to the booking team.

Game World | Julian Joujou | Dedicated Brand | Dj Combat - Ante The Fuck Up | Choreography | Dance

29 JUL 2019

👾 G A M E W O R L D 👾

Director & Choreography: @Julianjoujou

In a gaming world surrounded by friends, spending the day out in the park enjoying the moment. Through dance, choreography, story and comedy we welcome you to our GAME WORLD! Hope you like it and get a good feeling after watching this dance film. Special thanks to Dedicated Brand for the collaboration. All the clothings are Fair-trade made, 100 % Organic a Sustainable Fashion Brand with cool clothes. www.dedicatedbrand.com

CAST Danced by: @eddieyalman @kidsuper_ @julianjoujou @8r4vo Music: @djcombat - Ante The Fuck Up | 2k19 Album Videography: @Azi_Productions_ Editor: Lion Cuts @llion_joe Stylist: Sebastian Reuterberg Artistic Advisor: Marcio ”Ratinho” Salvador | The Kings Room Support: ID Crew & Kings Among Kings